"Rudralco Extrusion Pvt Ltd: Formerly Known Brand via Rudra Metals"

Metal fabrication plays an important role in the construction and industrial sectors by providing strong, cost-effective, lightweight, robust, long-lasting, and maintenance-free structures and solutions. Due to the open trade, the market is flooded with numerous products from various manufacturers. It becomes very important for engineers to identify the right material for the suitable gauge and specifications.

Many companies and industries face the challenges of choosing the right material suitable to the specific requirements and from the right vendors. Rudralco Extrusion Pvt Ltd, founded by its Owner, Jignesh Solanki, offers the best range of Aluminium extrusion products suitable for a wide range of industries including construction, poultry, manufacturing, automobiles, electrical, interior designing, and various other allied industries and sectors.

Promising Advantages

Rudralco focuses on educating prospective customers about the advantages of Aluminium extrusion products. Some of the advantages that the company offers are,

High-Precision Capabilities: Using sophisticated extrusion equipment and tools, complex shapes and sizes are created. They can easily manufacture precise specifications and customized finished materials. Complex shapes and sizes are created using sophisticated extrusion equipment and tools

Versatile Design Capacity: The capability of designing and engineering practically any custom extrusion according to customer requirements. Any customization is possible to enhance the look and feel of the product.

Cost-effective manufacturing: The product solutions in Aluminium extrusion can accommodate the constraints of a tight budget. The versatile product range is cost-effective mainly because they are easy to work and thus cost of tooling and labour are reduced considerably.

Environment-friendly Solutions: These products are environmentally friendly as they require a minimum energy consumption and are low in Greenhouse gases emission. Moreover, Aluminium can be recycled repeatedly without the loss of any physical properties.

Greater Performance Application: The products are strong, durable, non-magnetic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, and satisfactory conductors of electricity.

The Unique Distinction
Rudralco (with its brand name of Rudra Metals) is one source for all Aluminium extrusion products. It is one of the leading suppliers of quality goods for domestic and commercial markets. It has a wide range of aluminium products and is equipped to supply any quantity of products to its clients. As a supplier, it fully understands the responsibility of taking care of its clients, hence the team of professionals at Rudralco tries in giving its best. It gives high importance to the work and clients respectively. Rudralco management hopes to achieve customer satisfaction by using its products as much as it enjoys offering them to the industry with strong after-sales service.

All types of Aluminium architectural and industrial profiles and sections for doors, windows, partitions, angles, and profiles of hardware items are crafted and delivered by Rudralco.

Other aluminium profile/section work includes all types of powder coating like PP, PEF Coating, and RAL Series. A warranty period of 10 Years/15 Years/25 years is offered on powder coating on the conveyer in the auto plants approval of Jotun and AkzoNobel powder. Micron anodized 15 to 30 microns are used in the best quality solutions.

Mission: Jignesh elaborated on the mission, “To adhere to quality in all our course of actions, with the firm control at all production levels to manufacture technically, the best quality products that suit our clients’ requirements.”

Foundation of Values
Rudralco’s commitment to quality, perfection and innovation has taken it to great heights. Its commitment to trust, speed, growth, reliability, customer satisfaction, and adoption of the latest techniques. Excellence in quality and innovation has led the company to become one of India’s largest producers of aluminium extrusions with an ever-increasing customer base.

Progressive Work Culture
Jignesh reveals, “At Rudralco, we have a deep-rooted internal philosophy that what we treasure the most is our staff, treating everyone equally and exploring their talent is our relentless pursuit and the goal too.” They believe in developing the capacity of their personnel. “Thus, we provide various opportunities and conduct programs for staff training and overall improvement,” mentions Jignesh.

The company aims beyond offering a working opportunity by providing a platform for career development. The culture encourages everyone to succeed through quick and efficient action-based impactful self-management, a clear flow chart, powerful IT support, rational structure, and a simple internal relationship. The actualization of all the above expectations depends on a working environment with liberalness, generosity, and honesty. Rudralco is dedicated to creating value-added solutions.

Achieving new Milestones
1250 projects completed and commissioned
17685 people catered successfully
Various awards won in diverse sectors
14+ years of rich experience
ISO 9001: 14001:45001:CE, Certified Recognition of International Quality Standards

Diverse Product Range
Its in-house process facilitates all types of anodized, powder-coating, and wood-finish to be made available. The company’s comprehensive website – www.rudrametals.org, offers a complete product list provided including various sections of Solar Section
Industrial section
Ladder section
Domal section
Partition section
Kitchen hardware section
Special door section
Louvers section
Carrier section from the auto industry
Special 3-in-1 window section
Auto door sliding/sealing section
Equal angles, round pipes, square pipes, and solid round

Heading towards a Solid Future
Rudralco is directed by a clear vision of the leader, Jignesh, that is supported by team Rudralco’s high-tech ability and unparalleled skills, the vision is to guarantee excellent precision and modernization as per the local and global standards.

Under his able leadership, the Rudralco team is focused on offering perfect and well-suited solutions to the customers in the value-for-money proposition, thereby laying a solid foundation of consistency in quality, trust, and transparency in the customers, associates, suppliers, and entire industry too.

Rudralco brand recognition at ZAK EXPO
Social responsibility awareness programme in rajasthan village Kuntwa near Udaipur in India

Promoting sports by having its team in domestic multi turf tournaments in mumbai and near by districts